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You can download Talos Teslacrypt decrypt utility here:

Daniel Stoyanov
Daniel Stoyanov has a Master's degree in Computer Science from the Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria. He is also a Microsoft Certified Professional. Daniel provides top cyber security news with in-depth coverage of malware, vulnerabilities, PC and Network security, online safety.If you have any questions feel free to ask him right now.


    • Hello Cihan,

      Currently, there is no known decrypter that works with teslacrypt 3.0. Although, I can suggest you to be patient – a few skilled researchers are working hard on making such decrypter.


  1. my computer have been infected by teslacrypt 3.0 and the ransomware not only infected files but also temp, windir, appdata, and program files. But i’m so hopeless because i have tried to remove the ransomware based on some articles directions but it wasnt working. If i reinstall my computer could it be the ransomware gone or not? thanks for replaying my message

  2. Hi!
    Is there any possible solution to decrypt TeslaCrypt .kkk file extension? I managed to remove the virus but my files still remain encrypted. I am high school student and my very expensive softwares, media files and books, important school projects files and bookmarks got encrypted. Is there still hope for me? Should I delete or keep the encrypted files? I’ve been searching solutions for days but never found one :/ Please help me!

    Thank you,

  3. Hi ! brother.
    Is there any solution for cerber ransomwar virus? All my files are encrypted by this ransomwar for two weeks ago. so far i don’t have any solutions. I have problem with my job. I don’t know what to decrypt all that files. Please help me, sir. Thank for your replying my message.

    • Hello,

      Unfortunately, there is no known decrypter for Cerber at the moment. All I can suggest is to backup all encrypted files to a removable media and try to decrypt them once a decrypter is built.


  4. Hi, I am certain that I have gotten some Ransomware, but am not certain which variant did I get.

    The condition is where I can’t open the file (.doc, .xlsx, .jpeg, etc). It only affect those in Desktop.

    There are no funny extension after my file name, even after I enable the function of showing file extension.

    I do found 3 files names :!RecoveR!….. in some of the folders, which I believe to be the ransomware.

    Do let me know if the details are not sufficient.


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